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Our Community Outreach Projects

Rumah Kebajikan Anbu Illam

The last project for the year 2015 was at Rumah Kebajikan Karunai Illam/ Rumah Kebajikan Anbu Illam. The children were given a brief session on Dream Coaching. A Dream Board workshop was also conducted.  The response was amazing and the children were very receptive to the ideas and sharings. Listening to their dreams reminded us how blessed some of us are. The value of homes and families rang true during our time there.

Myanmar Flood Relief

In August, when Myanmar was ravaged by floods, we decided to do our share to ease the immense loss suffered by the poor victims. Through social media, we managed to reach out to others who donated clothes and dry food. All in all, there were 50 bags filled to the brim at the end of the donation drive. These were sent to Myanmar through a local church that agreed to ship them over.

Phuket Sunshine Village

In June this year,  the Dream Big Team visited the Phuket Sunshine Village, a home for about 100 children. The team was welcomed amidst much joy and laughter. Goodie bags were distributed, along with bookmarks with motivational quotes in the local language. The children were also provided with a simple lunch. The appreciation and warmth of these children were indeed a beautiful reminder to appreciate the little things in life. It was our first experience and definitely a lasting one.

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We believe that everyone has the right to dream. Your ethnic, race, religion, nationality, caste or any differences has no right to limit anyone from dreaming. Wherever there is a limit, there will be Dream Big to break those limits. Be limitless. DreamBig.


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