Tuition Programme

Tuition has become an integral part of education in Singapore. Large student-to-teacher ratios and inadequate time and materials/resources in school, together with tougher and more challenging examinations have given rise to the importance of supplementary support needed for our young students. We at Dream Big believe that learning should be made fun and not seem like a chore.

After all, self-motivated learners are en-route to becoming independent youth and adults.
For English, we adopt a holistic approach. We include all the components that are covered in the MOE syllabus – grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, graphic stimulus, editing, etc. Simulated tests are conducted to identify students’ strong and weak areas.

For Math, we have adopted a strategy-based approach. Students are taught the fundamentals of Math concepts, as well as specific strategies targeted at solving problem sums. Students (and parents) have found the strategies extremely useful. The materials are designed by us and are continually updated to be in-line with the MOE syllabus.

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